Working from home

In an attempt to get out of debt one of the things I mentioned in our debt free journey was selling on e-bay. To give you an update, it has been really great. I focused mostly on selling things that were around the house including old/used clothes.I have been thrifting  twice or thrice, I am still to learn the most popular and favorable brands to shop for and also how to get  good deals! I have since then expanded to Amazon, Mercari  (use my code “KJNSJK” to sign up and get $2 credit) and Posh-mark (use my code “GTBGU” to sign up and get $5 credit). The different incomes from all these stores go to one bank account and it surely adds up! I have sold on eBay longer than the other 3 and what I appreciate the most about eBay is the ability to run auctions. I will get around to share the actual figures as time permits. This is the busiest quarter of the year and I have been very busy!! I have to say, I took Amazon for granted for a long time, I really did. I am glad to say I just got back on selling on Amazon and made my first sale on November 26th .

Next to my Amazon screenshot below  is my first sale from Mercari, within a couple days of signing up I got a sale. Favor!!! Go #SAHM. Things are surely looking up, So I leave you with ” Don’t hatch your eggs in one basket!” Test the waters!


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