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Shoe Repairs DIY!

So here I am excited about this pair of shoes I found at the thrift store! I am excited about quick flipping (the fast profit that I would be getting from selling on ebay). I get home, ready to list the shoes on e-bay only to find the sole of the shoe is falling off ūüė¶


Well there can only be 2 things, throw them out or fix them!  Never repaired a shoe in my life but here goes!
I went on Amazon, looked up a few options and ended up getting ‘Shoe Goo’. It cost about $7 with free shipping.

Shoe Goo was delivered in a couple days and I was so excited to try it out, I waited for my 2 toddlers and hubby to go to bed and got myself a pair of non-sterile gloves , Lysol Disinfectant Spray, wipes , the goo and a pair of scissors.



It worked like magic! The shoes are currently in a hiding place drying up, it says to let them dry for at least 24 hrs, but I think I will do the max of 72.

To reattach a sole to a shoe:

  • Make sure¬†the shoe and sole area that needs fixing are clean.
  • Apply the shoe glue to both the sole and the bottom of the shoe, if it’s any easier completely remove the entire sole and work from basics.
  • Wait 2 minutes before you ¬†line up the sole with the bottom of the shoe evenly and press together to¬†make contact.
  • Wipe off any excess glue visible on the outside
  • Place a heavy object¬†on top of your shoe to add pressure
  • Wait 24 – 72 hours for glue to¬†dry.
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