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Potty Training Continues

My first daughter is now 22 months and 2 weeks and I have decided to pick up on potty training from where I last left off. My second daughter  is  9 months so things are definitely {but not quite} getting better around the house. It was a challenge training my first LO because I was pregnant and ALWAYS tired. I decided to spice up the training this time and buy this cute potty from e-bay. Now that things are getting better, I plan to have her completely trained by the end of this week. We travel on Saturday so hopefully that will not throw us off a little bit.

Today we managed to score a poop on the floor, but key was she wanted to be behind close doors in the bathroom alone!!!!. I believe tomorrow will be a better day. She gets the idea of potty now but just has not patience to sit on the potty and do it the correct way.

I am learning to be patient! I am learning!!

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