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Dining Room

My dining chairs are made of faux leather and are beat up from overuse. Our budget wouldn’t allow us to get new ones so I found these gorgeous chair covers on Amazon. They leave my chairs looking elegant. I left one uncovered so you can see the transformation.


 abc  abc


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Ebay Newbie End of Year Stats

This is probably a late post, but I want to share with you my numbers for 2016. They are not as great as all those other numbers out there, but for me, I consider it a divine achievement because I was pregnant in the beginning of the year and  finished the year with a beautiful 10 month old and a beautiful 2 1/2 year old. (24/7 Watch!)

Being a SAHM came with a lot of challenges in 2016, but I would never trade them for anything. In the first half of the year I sold things that we had around the house, anything I considered profitable! In the last half, I was able to go thrifting 4 or 5 times in total. That was good because I became exposed to more potential products!

The sales below are for 2016 on E bay


My final sales for December were $1510.25 and $1119.63 of them were from eBay. The rest were from the other selling sites. Amazon, Mercari  (use my code “KJNSJK” to sign up and get $2 credit) and Posh-mark (use my code “GTBGU” to sign up and get $5 credit). These are the other sites that generate income for us! So the month of December was really good. 44% of my yearly gross was from December! To me it means 2 things! 1.) I grew  through out the year and 2.) Q4 is real! – best time of the year to have lots of inventory

There are a few things I hope to do different in 2017. Hope to share them in my next blog

How was you year? How did you do? What do you hope to do better this year?


Disclosure: Please note that some of the links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links – at no extra cost to you.

Hatchimals vent!


A week before thanksgiving I remember seeing these animals on eBay for $59 and a a day after thanksgiving they were out of stock or in select stores/online stores selling for $200 plus. I wondered what the hype was and decided to do more research on them. Ok! Seriously, these eggs apparently hatch an animal and you have to nurture that animal and help it grow etcetra. I would love to explain more but I was left speechless after realizing the amount of money people are spending on these eggs. I am not sure how to describe my reaction, but for a toy or an egg $200 is no joke.  Please do not judge me, I might not be understanding the moral behind these eggs and maybe someone can explain to me. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon and tell me if something is wrong with me. I honestly feel sorry for the animals and not the ones spending.


Thanksgiving is around the corner!

We are only 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving! For me a time to reflect back to all the things the Lord has done for my family and friends through out the year and whole heartedly take some time to express gratitude to The Lord God Almighty!                             Of-course the big dinner with friends and family!!!

  1. Every year I am thankful for my salvation : where would I be without Jesus? Romans 10:9-10
  2. Every year I am thankful for the word of God that lives in me : Galatians 2:20
  3. This year I am thankful for my wonderful husband and children, I really fell blessed to have the best
  4. This year I am also thankful for the e-bay business that I pursued, I wish I had started this a long time ago, but God’s time is the best. As a mother to an infant and a toddler 18 months apart, being able to bring income into the home while staying at home has been a blessing. I will write a separate blog about my eBay business.

Matthew 6:33, one of my favorite scriptures says seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you! My simplest understanding of this scripture is that God is saying when you put Him first, He will work out everything else for you, including our fleshly desires, a job, a husband, a wife, money, a house, a car, You name it!

This year I have definitely seen an increase in my familys’ spiritual growth, and I thank God for that. I find myself being able to understand and explain His word, something I struggled with for a very long time. To read the bible and get revelation is heaven for me!
So I just want to encourage someone who might have tried reading the bible and not understood, continue to read: God sees your heart and He is faithful, He can even send someone to explain that one scripture you struggle with, Feed your spirit with the word, receive it with faith and revelation knowledge will follow. His word says ” If any of you lacks wisdom, you should  Ask!!! God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. So He definitely wants you to have that wisdom, but you have to ask 🙂

So as you prepare your hearts to thank Him, don’t forget to daily feed your spirit with His word.


Congratulations Mr President!

Wow! What a close election!!! Interested to see what the next coming years have in store for the nation of America. The Donald Trump Cap, “Make America Great Again” is currently trending at #1 on eBay. That definitely shows where a large percentage of the nations hearts stands! Well  the speech he made at the end of the elections took me by surprise. I for the first time saw another side of Donald Trump I had no clue existed.

God Bless you America. Fear Not!!  The Lord is with you.



Cutting down our Cell Phone Bill from $372 to $93

After my husband and I made the decision to get out of debt, our phone bill is one of the things we looked at and said “WOW!!”, how did we get away with paying so much for over a year and be content with it? I called the billing department and realized our bill  included installments for both our phones as well as a 3rd device (the iPad) which I am so sure we had removed from the plan a long time ago, but because we really paid not much attention to our monthly bill, the iPad creeped back on our bill. There was also other small stuff that added up that we honestly did not need like a high data plan when we have WiFi in the house,  it was a process to get that bill down to less than a $100, one of the things we did was pay off the phone(equipment) balance  which helped us really see how much we are paying. I still believe our bill can go down and I am glad we started the research! My advise is look at your bill every month!, cut down on your data, check with your employers if your company offers phone discounts, pay off any phone balance ( it frees up a lot of money) and review your plan every month!

Seeing that we owe  nothing to our phone company, we are thinking of switching to cheap carriers!

Please comment and let us know how you have been doing it!