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How to remove pilling from clothing

The other day I stumbled upon a post on how people get rid of pilling (lint) on clothes especially sweaters/jerseys and anything made of wool and/or fleece. I was so excited because the only thing I knew was to use a comb or manually pluck out each pill. (I know!!)

I have been feeling so bad because I wore one of my hubby’s sweaters , ended up with pills with no idea of how to effectively get rid of them

I just have to share this because I know a lot of people get rid of their clothes once they start showing signs of pills because they do not know how to get rid of pilling

I received this fabric shaver in the mail this morning and could not wait to try it. I ended up shaving about 4 sweaters out of excitement. It is magic!!!! You have to have it!

See my before and after pictures below. It is easy to use and very effective.


I found it on Amazon, if you want to check it out. Click on the image below. It is so worth it, especially for thrifters!! ( You know what  I mean)

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Hatchimals vent!


A week before thanksgiving I remember seeing these animals on eBay for $59 and a a day after thanksgiving they were out of stock or in select stores/online stores selling for $200 plus. I wondered what the hype was and decided to do more research on them. Ok! Seriously, these eggs apparently hatch an animal and you have to nurture that animal and help it grow etcetra. I would love to explain more but I was left speechless after realizing the amount of money people are spending on these eggs. I am not sure how to describe my reaction, but for a toy or an egg $200 is no joke.  Please do not judge me, I might not be understanding the moral behind these eggs and maybe someone can explain to me. Take a look at the reviews on Amazon and tell me if something is wrong with me. I honestly feel sorry for the animals and not the ones spending.