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Cutting down our Cell Phone Bill from $372 to $93

After my husband and I made the decision to get out of debt, our phone bill is one of the things we looked at and said “WOW!!”, how did we get away with paying so much for over a year and be content with it? I called the billing department and realized our bill  included installments for both our phones as well as a 3rd device (the iPad) which I am so sure we had removed from the plan a long time ago, but because we really paid not much attention to our monthly bill, the iPad creeped back on our bill. There was also other small stuff that added up that we honestly did not need like a high data plan when we have WiFi in the house,  it was a process to get that bill down to less than a $100, one of the things we did was pay off the phone(equipment) balance  which helped us really see how much we are paying. I still believe our bill can go down and I am glad we started the research! My advise is look at your bill every month!, cut down on your data, check with your employers if your company offers phone discounts, pay off any phone balance ( it frees up a lot of money) and review your plan every month!

Seeing that we owe  nothing to our phone company, we are thinking of switching to cheap carriers!

Please comment and let us know how you have been doing it!