Auto Posting to Facebook

I want to share with you a posting schedule that I found online that has helped me to create posts ahead of time to my Facebook groups, business pages and even personal pages, I know we hardly have time to go on Facebook everyday and accomplish everything we want especially with all the distractions that come in the news feeds 🙂 and all other life matters that needs our attention. However it is very important to consistently keep your Facebook page active, especially if it is for business! You already have members, fans and/or likes so you definitely want to keep them entertained and interested. I found an app called Post My Party which allows you to schedule daily auto posts to  to your Facebook groups or pages as far out as 3/4 months or even more. I started using it in August and absolutely love it!, I do not have to be on Facebook all the time to post, Post My Party does it for me. So at the end of every month I will go in and schedule at least 30 days worth of posts. The other cool thing about it is when you sign up with them, you get a 14 day trial for just a $1 and then $9.95/month if you decide to continue with them.


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