20 signs you are a mompreneur!

If you can pick at least 8 out of this list, then you deserve to get yourself a t-shirt to wear on your casual tee days!
See link to t-shirt below

1.) You are up at 2 am when all the kiddo’s are finally in bed!

2.) You can spend the whole day in the house in a long tee

3.) You find so much peace on the toilet seat in a locked bathroom

4.) You have more Facebook friends than real life friends

5.) You are in direct sales

6.) You know what time your neighbors come home

7.) You always plan to join the gym tomorrow

8.) You are always ready to support other women in business hoping they can support yours

9.) You wear the same outfit 3 or 4 times in 1 week

10.) Your toddler(s) wake up before you do

11.) You know what time your best friend who has a real job goes on lunch

12.) You do not have any more space for apps on your phone

13.) Leaving the house on time is a miracle

14.) Every so often you are looking for ways to make money online

15.) Many times you are tempted to apply for an office job

16.) You have a you-tube account

17.) You spend some part of your day singing nursery rhymes or watching cartoons

18.) You are always looking for positive messages online

19.) You are ready to try out another business

20.) You are hoping I had a list of 40 because you just have so many mompreneur habits 🙂

Please comment and add more things below that you always find yourself doing a lot as a mompreneur


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