My potty training journey

I got off the phone with one of my high school best friends feeling so energized because she was telling me how her 21 month old was potty trained before she turned 1. From previous conversations and experience around friends, most kids are trained around the age of 21/2 to 3. I decided to try it out on my 12 month old for 2 reasons:

1.) I have a baby due in 4 months (very excited) and that would mean changing the both of them one after the other! ( I love my babies, but sometimes those diaper changes can be a nightmare.

2.) It would definitely reduce our expenses

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So fortunately we already had a potty in the house which we got from my very generous sister and her family. I took it out of storage out of excitement and sat my 12 month old baby on it, lol.

Day 1: The first pee was amazing because she too was shocked at the sound of her pee in the potty. I cheered her up as soon as she was done as I had learnt from other articles. I left her with out a diaper after her first pee and tried to sit her on the potty every 30-45 mins, one other person suggested I give her a lot of fluids to help her pee more often so she can get the idea. Boy oh boy!, when they say you need patience they absolutely mean it.  She managed to pee on the carpet at least twice in my absent minded mode 😦 . Me being pregnant and often tired I wanted to give up!. But my mind kept going back to the few reads “DON”T GIVE UP!”, “BE PATIENT!” That same night she woke up in the middle of the night, twice or thrice more than usual when she wanted to pee, but silly me did not get it, I just sent her back to sleep. Fortunately she was in her diapers.

Day 2: I absolutely gave up!!, some friends were telling me its too early and I kind of gave in, besides, the following week we were going to a conference miles away from home, so that meant no potty with us.

A month later I decided my munchkin can do this!, So right now at 13 close to 14 months we are at it again. We keep the potty out in the open so she sees it and gets used to it. In the morning when I wake up , I take her with me to use the bathroom and have her potty right next to me!. She seems to love it more this time around and loves to sit on the potty longer than before, I am not going to give her a deadline, but will work with her at her own pace. She has started squatting when ever she has to go, so I know she has mastered the sitting on a potty part. I will definitely update this post for you guys to see how long it actually took her. I believe it is so much easier for me because I stay home with her so I do have the time to be patient.

Just wondering what age you potty trained yours!. I believe all kids are different and learn at different paces and stages. But parents have the right to do what they think is best for theirs.

Good luck!

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