For all you DS Ladies! You have got to try this for your Facebook parties :)

So just to give you some super positive feedback on PostMyParty. It literally took me less than 5 mins to schedule a last minute facebook party that I had yesterday, One of my new customers approached me for a party on Monday and wanted it to close on Wednesday, all I did was pull up my generic template from PMP, linked it to my last minute party and selected the timezone I wanted. Thats all!!! I had to do. And I had a successful party. Considering the short notice I did not have to reschedule post by post like I used to do with cinchshare AND I was also able to schedule an album with 30 something pictures to post to the party. I promise you, once you start using PostMyParty, you will pinch yourself for all the time you have wasted scheduling parties. And the customer service is AMAYZING!! You are added to a facebook group immediately after you sign up, and have direct access to Custom Service

Click Link Below!!


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