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20 signs you are a mompreneur!

If you can pick at least 8 out of this list, then you deserve to get yourself a t-shirt to wear on your casual tee days!
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1.) You are up at 2 am when all the kiddo’s are finally in bed!

2.) You can spend the whole day in the house in a long tee

3.) You find so much peace on the toilet seat in a locked bathroom

4.) You have more Facebook friends than real life friends

5.) You are in direct sales

6.) You know what time your neighbors come home

7.) You always plan to join the gym tomorrow

8.) You are always ready to support other women in business hoping they can support yours

9.) You wear the same outfit 3 or 4 times in 1 week

10.) Your toddler(s) wake up before you do

11.) You know what time your best friend who has a real job goes on lunch

12.) You do not have any more space for apps on your phone

13.) Leaving the house on time is a miracle

14.) Every so often you are looking for ways to make money online

15.) Many times you are tempted to apply for an office job

16.) You have a you-tube account

17.) You spend some part of your day singing nursery rhymes or watching cartoons

18.) You are always looking for positive messages online

19.) You are ready to try out another business

20.) You are hoping I had a list of 40 because you just have so many mompreneur habits 🙂

Please comment and add more things below that you always find yourself doing a lot as a mompreneur


3 Ways to Avoid Breaking Your Bank Account with Your Direct Sales Business

So I am coming from my personal experience point of view as a direct sales consultant,  this is very true so do not let that little voice in your head tell you otherwise! Below is a list of  three things that you can do to stop digging a financial hole for yourself or your family.

1.) Stop hoarding

2.) Stop hoarding

3.) Stop hoarding

What do I mean by Hoarding ? : Buying and accumulating things you do not  need, I was once a victim of this, I would have a hostess with a party shy of  +/- $50 to make a valid party and just so that I can feel good about closing a party, I would go and make a personal order to top up the difference. Really!!? , 2 hours prior, this order was not on my wishlist neither was it on my budget, but because of the pressure to CLOSE a party I would place the order and end up with stuff I do not honestly have a need for and these items would end up living rent free in my home. I thank God I did this a few times before I came to my senses, however I can imagine how many people do this every month and end up with stuff they DO NOT need. Now you might tell yourself you are building inventory for your home party or vendor events, but the truth of the matter is :when you first sign up, that inventory they give you is exactly what you need to work your business and of-course any add-ons (especially if they are free). This is exactly why your home office has a warehouse. If someone wants to truly order from you, they will do it online and this gives them the choice to order exactly what they want allowing them to appreciate your product to its fullest! Hardly will you sell all of your hoarded inventory and if you do you are probably selling it for less than you paid for it (including shipping) or you end up giving away some of your inventory as hostess prizes, when you do your taxes at the end of the year, all this will come to light! ,

It’s OKAY not to close a party, ( your time will come), don’t cheat your business by ordering from your own business ESPECIALLY when you do not have any prior planned use for the inventory. I know some of us also do it to keep ourselves active.The question you should ask yourself is, is it worth it? It’s perfectly fine to be inactive especially when you do not have a super active team under you, don’t get so caught up in “I have to remain active”, you are just digging a financial hole for yourself! How about take that $150 or $200 and put it in your savings account. What if no one buys from you the next 2 or 3 months? Are you going to keep doing it? Of-course we always want to be optimistic, but you have to be real with yourself too. If someone is really going to host a party for you, then let them collect their outside orders and then you can use those to re-activate your account! Absolutely free!!

One of my team members also a friend once did the whole “I have to remain active thing and the next month no orders came thru so she ended up with inventory she does not need and deactivating the next month! Now that was a waste of $200.00 because she does NOT even use the inventory, so she has a whole lot of it in her house and will end up giving it away, which is good for the receiver but is that why she was working her business in the first place?

An example is if you receive $100 in commission for the month of September, In December because nobody ordered from you since beginning of October, you place a $200 order to remain active, what you have simply done is a.) used that commission you received to order more stuff and b.) took out a loan for $100 to keep yourself active (because you did not have this money in you business ) , It becomes a cycle and at the end of the year you are most likely a.)breaking even if you are lucky, or b.) you end up spending more money than you are making! I am not discouraging anyone from direct sales because I am also in direct sales, I am just saying be wise especially if your true goal is to make money from your business, if you are doing it for kicks and you have the money to spend, then this post is not for you.

My potty training journey

I got off the phone with one of my high school best friends feeling so energized because she was telling me how her 21 month old was potty trained before she turned 1. From previous conversations and experience around friends, most kids are trained around the age of 21/2 to 3. I decided to try it out on my 12 month old for 2 reasons:

1.) I have a baby due in 4 months (very excited) and that would mean changing the both of them one after the other! ( I love my babies, but sometimes those diaper changes can be a nightmare.

2.) It would definitely reduce our expenses

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So fortunately we already had a potty in the house which we got from my very generous sister and her family. I took it out of storage out of excitement and sat my 12 month old baby on it, lol.

Day 1: The first pee was amazing because she too was shocked at the sound of her pee in the potty. I cheered her up as soon as she was done as I had learnt from other articles. I left her with out a diaper after her first pee and tried to sit her on the potty every 30-45 mins, one other person suggested I give her a lot of fluids to help her pee more often so she can get the idea. Boy oh boy!, when they say you need patience they absolutely mean it.  She managed to pee on the carpet at least twice in my absent minded mode 😦 . Me being pregnant and often tired I wanted to give up!. But my mind kept going back to the few reads “DON”T GIVE UP!”, “BE PATIENT!” That same night she woke up in the middle of the night, twice or thrice more than usual when she wanted to pee, but silly me did not get it, I just sent her back to sleep. Fortunately she was in her diapers.

Day 2: I absolutely gave up!!, some friends were telling me its too early and I kind of gave in, besides, the following week we were going to a conference miles away from home, so that meant no potty with us.

A month later I decided my munchkin can do this!, So right now at 13 close to 14 months we are at it again. We keep the potty out in the open so she sees it and gets used to it. In the morning when I wake up , I take her with me to use the bathroom and have her potty right next to me!. She seems to love it more this time around and loves to sit on the potty longer than before, I am not going to give her a deadline, but will work with her at her own pace. She has started squatting when ever she has to go, so I know she has mastered the sitting on a potty part. I will definitely update this post for you guys to see how long it actually took her. I believe it is so much easier for me because I stay home with her so I do have the time to be patient.

Just wondering what age you potty trained yours!. I believe all kids are different and learn at different paces and stages. But parents have the right to do what they think is best for theirs.

Good luck!

For all you DS Ladies! You have got to try this for your Facebook parties :)

So just to give you some super positive feedback on PostMyParty. It literally took me less than 5 mins to schedule a last minute facebook party that I had yesterday, One of my new customers approached me for a party on Monday and wanted it to close on Wednesday, all I did was pull up my generic template from PMP, linked it to my last minute party and selected the timezone I wanted. Thats all!!! I had to do. And I had a successful party. Considering the short notice I did not have to reschedule post by post like I used to do with cinchshare AND I was also able to schedule an album with 30 something pictures to post to the party. I promise you, once you start using PostMyParty, you will pinch yourself for all the time you have wasted scheduling parties. And the customer service is AMAYZING!! You are added to a facebook group immediately after you sign up, and have direct access to Custom Service

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