Monthly Archives: August 2015



Today I am 15 weeks 1 day pregnant with an almost 12 month old beautiful daughter. It’s been the most challenging but very rewarding experience. Having a supportive husband has made it much easier. God has no doubt blessed us. I am thankful that I have spent every single day of my daughters life around her, what a blessing it is to be a stay at home mom to be able to watch my babies grow.

Hello world!

Super Excited to finally have a blog of my own, something I have wanted to do for a whiiiiile. My name is Sarah, wife to a true Man of God and soon to be mother of 2. Everyone says it’s a boy! But we will see 🙂 Whatever the Lord says, for He has the final say. I love Jesus so much because He died just to take away my past and save me! He has blessed me over and over, I could write forever. Well thanks for visiting, I look forward to sharing so much with you, Hang in there! God is soo good!!

Happy blogging!